Why people say Trump is “Not my president” and what that really means.

Not My President

Many are using the phrase “Not My President” to describe their new relationship with Donald Trump.  Similarly but for opposite reasons – right wingers coined the term while referring to Obama throughout his term as POTUS and is not unique to left wingers.

That being said the conservative right is on an ego tirade via social media. Trolling those who support the “Not My President” hashtags and ideology. Almost as if republicans forgot their own history with the phrase.

What republicans need to realize is that what was true than for them is now true for us. Because Obama was never their president by their obscure moral code and reasoning. Republicans used every dirty tactic politics has to offer to block the social and structural changes the Obama administration fought to make. And now the right can be sure the left will not be making anything easy for the them in the coming term.

Most right wingers say “Well Actually he is your president, whether you like it or not” Others might post a snarky meme. But the sad thing is… Conservatives are unsurprisingly missing the point… A literal take on the phrase “Not my president” might be an obvious one – to someone with the emotional intelligence of a 5 year old…



The meme above expresses the lack of awareness the right exudes. In a literal sense, of course Trump is now the President of the United States. But you have to be a fool to think anyone means that in a literal sense when they say “Not My President” 



The meme above says “Stronger together” – I think most would agree that building a WALL defeats and purpose of “Togetherness”

What does a president do? A president leads our nation and the people. They make decisions that reflect on our nation and people. A president creates laws and affects social change and opportunities – or lack thereof. While influencing who will be affecting change in our political system far after their term is over.

When someone says that Trump is not their president they mean they do not condone the acts he commits. They do not condone the vulgar people he has given power positions to. They do not condone Racism, Misogyny,  Homophobia, Corrupt business practices.. Trump’s actions do not and will not reflect on the personal moral systems we live by. If Trump enacts law that is racist, hurts the poor, middle class, minorities. We will not support it or abide by it in anyway. If Trump decides to outlaw specific minorities. He is not our president. We will not follow such laws and will fight back against tyranny. We do not accept an alt right ideology for America.

Saying “Not my president” means we are taking a moral stance against the atrocities the Trump administration will commit. The vulgarities Trump and those he’s given power to have already committed.

So before you let some sociopath hold a magnet above your moral compass and convince you that Trump is your president regardless how you feel about it. Just remember what that really means to you. And what conservatives are too dense to realize.

Lets get money out of politics! Lets get Trump out of politics!

Sign the petition: Impeach Donald J. Trump


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10 thoughts on “Why people say Trump is “Not my president” and what that really means.

  1. Lon Benz says:

    I’m 100% with you but I’m scared shitless because he’s intolerant, ignorant, immature, mental, has hissy fits over SNL, is a accused rapist, accused child molester, pussy grabber, barbaric megalomaniac and I’m frightened for my country and the people living here. All the talk and petitions have done what? Really?
    Get a friggin lawyer RIGHT NOW, challenge Trump’s crusade with Putin and voter fraud. Voter fraud is a FELONY and can easily put him in jail. Challenge him NOW!!
    Where are his tax returns? Hasn’t paid taxes in 30 yrs and the IRS brought down Al Capone but not Trump? I do. not. understand. Where is his birth certificate? Was he born in Russia?
    Start something legal ASAP before he’s sworn in. Get him in jail FIRST, stop petitions and collecting money, you must understand GET HIM OUT. The first order of people vs Trump is to get him out of the White House with his greedy family of leeches. DO SOMETHING and stop talking about it. Sincerely!

    • Janice says:

      I agree 1000% with Lon. WHERE are our nations smartest, most articulate constitutional lawyers to fight in court? It baffles my mind that an attorney who once worked in Hillarys corner now works at a firm who just represented rumps son in law (and supposedly WON) the right for him to be an advisor on Israel and surrounding areas!! Are you serious??? Because he’s a Jew he’s an EXPERT on that part of the world and the USA?? This whole nepotism slap in the face is one more disgusting thing to add on the list of illegal acts a blind person could see. Clearly our entire govt and judiciary is rigged against we the people. That egotistical, Orange, man boy is so ignorant, and confirmed it yesterday in his tantrum about what the media said regarding the lack of people who showed up for his inauguration. They even posted pics from President Obama’s last inauguaration!! In the end took them down with pressure. He is TRYING to make the people BELIEVE they AREN’T seeing what they really are!!!! Does he think we are all as stupid as those that voted for him??? He terrifies me like he does all of you!! The first thing he is going to do is take away my ability to have the medical care I desperately need/must have ESP now. If it wasn’t for the ACA and tax help I wouldn’t be able to have insurance!! I am a CNA and do NOT make a living wage, nor get offered affordable health insurance. And in my state do NOT qualify for Medicaid thanks to the gov. But getting back to the incredibly important point—— WHERE IS OUR LEGAL REPRESENTATION??? The illegal acts list is rapidly growing everyday!! Thank you team for all your dedication and hard work for ALL OF US!! So proud yesterday!! For the first time since November 8th. NEVER ever my President!!! Because he stands for everything I despise!! He will NEVER fill me with hate and stupid!! I REFUSE to allow it!!!

  2. Kalen Siebert says:

    I understand the emotional reaction to Donald being elected President. It is very important that, as a group, the emotional outbreaks are kept to a minimum if change is the real goal the group is after.

    There seem to be legitimate reasons why this individual will be in violation of the constitution when he takes the oath of office on January 20th. Please find facts that back up a specific claim and stick to spreading the facts, instead of sharing emotional reactions to how some liberals feel about the next President. It makes us look weak and small minded, despite the fact that many conservatives acted the same way when Obama was elected President. I am not saying that the reactions to Obama are as justified as the reactions to Trump, but it is very easy manipulate the situation to appear that way. Continuing on this path only decreases the chances of impeaching Donald after he takes the oath of office.

    We need to change the entire message of this petition. Donald will not be impeached for being a “bad person”. He could be impeached for forcing foreign diplomats to stay at his hotel in DC and maintaining his international business ties. There’s some controversy about the wording of the constitution and the fact that the Emoluments Clause appears on article I which focuses on the Legislative branch of government. I strongly disagree and believe the majority of Congress and Americans will too if the argument is made in a more objective way… with less emotional appeal and more facts. Elizabeth Warren is proposing a bill that would make it very clear the President and Vice President would be bound by the emoluments clause.

    Washington DC hotel

    Article I section IX of the US Constitution

    8. No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State.

    I am not a constitutional scholar, but the constitution seems to indicate that the president is included in the “Office of Profit or Trust” under the United States.
    Barring a distinct interpretation of this article of the constitution by Congress, Donald should be impeached if he does not divest all of his business interests by January 20th when taking the oath of office.

    Elizabeth Warren’s proposal

    President and Vice President must divest financial inferests if receiving money from foreign entities, blind trust, cannot give to family members

    Article cited in Warren’s proposal about ds ties to foreign countries

  3. Angela Blevins says:

    I suspect that Trump is obstructing justice who deserve to go to prison for fraud cheating off companies just to get the money so he can be a President. I believe that Trump’s lie and hypocritical idea should be exposed


    Why can’t something be done to make him show his tax returns? Why is he allowed to tweet everything ? He’s a fool and he will bring nothing but more racial tension, and war. He needs to be impeached. How did such a vile evil person even get to this place? And the hag Kelleyanne Conway that helped him get elected. What a mess.

  5. Thomas Stumpf says:

    Not my president! Never my president!

    Donald Trump has disrupted American society for the worse. He shows no respect, he deserves no respect. He lies and is dishonest, constantly, on a daily basis. The sooner this nightmare ends, the better! He doesn’t deserve one iota of support.


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