Over 100,000 Americans are geared up to March on Washington against Donald Trump in the name of women’s rights. Will you be there?

Monday January 21st 2017, Tens of thousands are are joining the Women’s March on Washington. Uncomfortable with the comments Donald Trump said about woman and minorities during and before the presidential election and baffled that someone so misogynistic could hold the most powerful political position in the world. We march in solidarity with woman, for woman and against misogynistic idealism.


Mary W. writes about representing woman unable to represent themselves. -MW writes:
When I heard about the march, I knew I had to be there, somehow, even if I have to crawl. That was my first thought. And my second thought- Granny won’t be able to make that trip.

I saw tweets and comments from other women who already know they will not be able to march and I thought… I have to take them with me, somehow….

I immediately began thinking of different ways to do it- like- how many pictures or names could I fit on a T-Shirt, or a banner, or a flag….?
Or I could write the names on ribbons or strips of colored cloth and tie them together in chains and fly them from a pole like streamers….
Or write them all on umbrellas with permanent ink…

And then I thought- if we each took at least one other person with us, some token, or picture, or ribbon…

So if you can’t be in Washington on January 21st, 2017 and you want to march with me, please post here!
If you are going to the march and representing, please post about who you will be taking with you!

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The Washington posts writes about how the protests evolved into an unstoppable force of women and activists and how all allies of all kinds are welcome.

The Washington post writes:

“The protests had various names on social media, including “Million Women’s March,” “Nasty Women March” and at least one made explicit reference to Trump’s recorded remark about grabbing women “by the p—y.”


“We welcome our male allies,” Bland said. (New York-based organizer of the march)  “We want this to be as inclusive as possible while acknowledging that it’s okay to have a women-centered march.”


Over 100,000 people are already registered to show! Will you be there?

To get more information about the protest visit the official event page at We hope to see you there!



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