To escape tyranny, we the American people lobby for the impeachment of Donald J. Trump finding him to be a domestic terrorist and threat to national security. We also move for the impeachment of all civil officers appointed under his rule. Trump’s documented use of hate speech, promotion, acceptance of violence, and selection of white house staff ranging from disgraced politicians to open racists, makes him unfit to lead the United States of America.

Furthermore, he is dangerously close to destroying peaceful foreign relations with flagrant threats to “build a wall” bordering Mexico, “rip up” the Iran nuclear agreement, “punish” China for its currency including more aggressive statements and impulsive ideas that lead countries into war.

Alarmingly, Donald J. Trump directly connects to suspects under investigation for unlawful ties to Russia and illegal practices during and following his election campaign. He is also associated with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and accused of raping a minor himself, though he has never stood trial.

Trump’s close association with so many unscrupulous individuals shows that he is a poor judge of character and lacks the decision-making skills necessary to hold the office of President. We do not trust that he is capable of representing our nation in decisions that will inevitably impact the lives of millions and question the integrity of the 2016 election results.

Donald J. Trump’s leadership poses a threat to our country’s peace and safety on both national and international levels. His immoral reputation and misconduct are an embarrassment and threat to the freedoms this country stands for. Donald J. Trump will not be tolerated by American citizens as President of the United States of America.

We couldn’t stop the inauguration, but we can start the impeachment process. Please help The United States of America defend herself.



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2 thoughts on “Help us Impeach Donald Trump!

  1. Jon Phillips says:

    New York Times ; Washington Post; MS NBC; CNN; every other major “RATIONAL” media Source
    In the United States;
    You want to remove Donald Trump from office?
    Offer any Russian Citizen …. 4 TIMES THE FACE VALUE … of any personally signed (with authenticated signature of Donald Trump on it) loan note. It must be payable to that Russian Citizen (or Russian Legal Entity [other than a bank]). It must have a detailed PLAUSIBLE explanation as to the reason behind their loan to Trump. What (if any) Trump controlled collateral was pledged for the loan. The Loan Note could be to any of Trumps many Corporations, or to him personally.
    Until Mueller can attach illicit foreign money (preferably Russian ) to Donald Trump and his U.S. and international real estate holdings, He only has Trump’s public “LYING” as evidence to bring before the House. The house is quite acclimated to Trump’s lies. They hear them on a daily basis. It’s hardly grounds for THIS G.O.P. controlled house to impeach him.
    The Democratically held Senate of the late 1990s, acquitted Bill Clinton of lying … when the Republican held house clearly Impeached him … for lying. (Bill lied. It was about consensual sex [possibly under the Oval Office desk], but in today’s environment, Bill would have been gone in a heart beat). Why would our Current Republican held house feel the necessity to impeach their own party’s President? Clearly lying (or hyperbole, as one Republican Senator calls it) is simply a mater of political interpretation. In the age of Trump… it’s simply alternative facts as believed by this G.O.P. lead House of Representatives.
    It’s their source of MONEY that will bring Trump and his family down!
    MS NBC’s, Richard Engel, presented as clear a picture of how the Trumps receive international revenues from illicit money laundering AT JUST ONE of their NAMED hotel/condominiums. This one was in Panama. Donald Trump is in bed with International money launderers, including Russian Oligarchs. The FBI knows Trump has Russian Bank Loans. Ivanka and husband Kirchner have Russian Bank loans. In concert with their illicit money laundering revenues… from their far flung international real estate ventures … this will likely lead to their eventual undoing (especially should the house flip to the Democrats in 2018).
    Assuredly, the hardest evidence for Mueller and the FBI to find is Trump signed loan guarantees with foreign individuals or entities … that are outside the international banking system. Russian Oligarchs don’t file liens on money lent on real estate under the Trumps’ control. (Russian Oligarchs don’t want their names in the public, due to their illicit money laundering activities). They weasel their TRUMP SIGNED personal guarantees of liability… off to their most hidden vaults. Should the Trumps fail to fulfill their personal obligations to these Russian Oligarchs, they’ll produce their contracts for a national court of jurisdiction to enforce (assuming the Trumps aren’t bankrupt before then). I’ll assure you, the Trumps have such loan documents too. They’re likely hidden in some off shore bank vault, as far from the reach of Mueller and the FBI as they can possibly be kept. There are assuredly hidden off shore bank accounts, (now managed by Donald Jr.) in which deposits from illicit revenue sources come in … and the illicit payments for these secret loan notes… are paid out.
    NOW, that Trump is U.S. President, the mere existence of a Trump signed loan guarantee (to a Russian Oligarch as the lender), would be worth “MULTIPLES” of the amount of money pledged by Trump to repay it (if such a note were to be made available to the U.S. Press).
    Only the Strong Political arm of the GOD FATHER of the Russian Oligarchs, Vladimir Putin, is likely keeping these Oligarchs at bay … with their Trump signed loan guarantees … still hidden away in their vaults.
    President Trump continues to fail at fulfilling the Putin’s wishes of him concerning U.S. / Russian relations ( Trump flunked in that department). Putin’s – Imbecilic, Anarchistic, TRUMP is right on schedule administratively dismantling the U.S. ‘s Federal Bureaucracy from the inside out. Putin’s like minded American Oligarch comrades ( the Koch Bro’s coalition) – with their politically financed – G.O.P. puppets of congress … are gutting the U.S. Federal government’s source of revenue from the Out side. Trump IS NOT the Koch Bro.s and their coalition’s puppet, he’s solely Putin’s. All this current activity couldn’t make Putin happier in his U.S. Puppet President. Putin’s plan is working better then having dropped a bomb on Washington. Soon the God Father of Russian Oligarchy, will hopefully have full fledge allies with America’s Oligarchy … the Koch Bro.s and their coalition. [Did you know! Much of the Koch Bro.s wealth originated from their Father building refineries in Communist Russia after W.W.II ]. Putin’s preferred plain is for the rich Oligarchs of both Russia and the U.S. to be in control, and standing squarely on the necks of their citizens.
    Trump’s obvious imbecilely is now well known on the World Stage. It causes nearly all Rational World leaders to … keep as wide a birth of him … as they possibly can. The world, as well, now knows that ”VLADIMIR”, helped the U.S. elect this imbecile. With Trump’s obvious hand shacking (butt licking) enthusiasm for Putin.. any time they appear together on the world stage, .. the whole world cringes with embarrassment of these 2 “SO CALLED” WORLD LEADERS. If any rational brained Citizen of the World can see this, this can’t be outside the bounds of Putin’s consciousness. I suspect Putin is a little more savvy as to how the world views him, than Trump has any notion of the same. Embarrassing Vladimir Putin (which Trumps score card is nearly full in that department) ; will eventually cause Putin to turn loose his Russian Oligarchs to collect on their Trump signed notes. This would be the end of the Trumps. This would guarantee Trumps Impeachment. This event would significantly lower the U.S.’s standing on the World Stage. This (I’m confident) is the international blackmail Vladimir Putin (the God Father of the Russian Oligarchs) holds over President Trump, and keeps him on Putin’s leash .
    As to Russia’s “Golden Shower” video of Trump? It will eventually surface. The Russians will release it for the benefit of Our Late Night Comedians to replay (over, and over again) into the future. Staring our past President ( Donald Trump)… that our American Voters elected , as the butt of Russian Joke, for decades to come. It will be played in remembrance of a time when the U.S. Public was SO gullible that we went completely off the Political Tracks in this country…and voted for Trump … with the help of the Russians … led by Vladimir Putin.

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