Donald Trump very well may be the third sitting President in United States history to be impeached. These odds are looking much more likely following the Michael Flynn scandal which hit the news stands Friday. Resulting in Trump’s former national security adviser pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. A crime that can carry up to 5 years in prison. Admitting that Trump’s transition officials (lead by Mike Pence and Eric Kushner) directed him and his contacts with the Russians. This raises questions and concrete doubt that Trump was unaware of such handling and deals involving Russia. Directly lying to the American people. What is going on?

Michael Flynn’s recent coperation with the FBI presents an opportunity to get the truth behind the Russia scandal and Trumps involvement. Paving the way for his impeachment.

13 thoughts on “Michael Flynn is paving the way for Trump’s impeachment.

  1. Mary Singh says:

    This president is not worth of the high office he holds. He does not set a good example and only supports policies which are racist of support his financial gain. He should be removed from office!

  2. Sherry Hull says:

    Trump and anyone who he appointed including Pence should all be removed and prosecuted. They are all there to do trumps biding. GET THEM ALL OUT BEFORE OUR COUNTRY IS GONE COMPLETELY.

  3. B.Brasher says:

    The only reason Trump wanted to be President of the United States was to make more money for himself. The republican strategy seems to be robbery of the seniors of America. They rob medicate to pay for their tax break. For the people retiring after this year good luck paying for medical care. Medicare probably won’t be there. Trump has succeeded in giving the rich As a senior on social security,living below poverty level trickle down is yellow and smells like pee. Send Trump home now.

  4. Jon Phillips says:

    Anyone organizing to march on Washington to stop this Tax Reform TRICK ?
    What’s occurring right now is 10 times more lethal to our Federal Debt ( and our American Democracy)… then the G.O.P.’S attempts to kill Obama Care.
    Why not a “DEATH TAX” ? The revenue from all the un-taxed Capital could pay off the Federal Deficit in just 16 years ! Has America gone nuts ? Wealth is mostly transferred from generation to generation, not earned. Is our lottery crazed society so oblivious to this fact, that we lays awake at night hoping some rich relative will leave their wealth with us. This isn’t naivety, it’s shear stupidity.

  5. Vicky Maestro says:

    It’s not only a man who was elected by the white racists of America but a full mafia family who are stealing from our country without any punishment and have no regard for the people who suffer and will suffer even more so that the Trumps can fill up their pockets until they burst. Furthermore, they are destroying our special place in the world and our allies have lost their confidence in the United States. They are now laughing at us but are also worried about the consequences of keeping this horrendous family in power. A nuclear was becomes more possible every day and the tax break is sure to kill the middle class and reduce it to poverty. Basic health care is being destroyed and this is only the beginning of the Trump’s plans. WE MUST REACT AND IMPEACHMENT IS ONLY THE FIRST STEP. LOCK THEM ALL UP.

    • Stephen Shaw says:

      We are all dealing with exceptionally scary new “NORMS”: Lying is fine for the Leader=TRUMP. Passing destructive Tax Reform is fine because donors are more important than the voters. Sexual predation is just fine if you deny, deny and so on even though multiple witnesses support the accused. Talking with the most hostile power to the USA is fine…even secret back-channels prior to taking power. Impeachment would be too nice for these empowered criminals Stephen Shaw.

  6. k. keeth says:

    trump is a self serving soulless coward that knows how to keep his hands clean, lying to him is like breathing for normal people he has never been held accountable & will quickly unravel he has no business being in office he couldn’t even run a casino he is a master manipulator that knows the 1 bank..2 bank..3 bank… 4….banking loan game, everything is for sale with him American IS NOT HIS PERSONAL MONOPOLY GAME HE IS AN IDIOT with NO ETHICS. he thinks he is king! we the American people have struggled & fought to defend our democracy & country & keep it safe from people like him, this country & our democracy is what my father & brother died for in war! trump is a SLUG & systematically destroying & destabilizing, he has the keys to nuclear power & will destroy our country step by step he only serves himself he will not send his sons & daughter to war it will be yours! he must be taken seriously as a disturbed unstable weak coward. Everyone can see he is a dimwit not aware of the Constitution, the Government or the History of the United States he is a failure without the aid of putin like he has failed in life he has only succeeded when he attacks the weak & vulnerable he is in this to get all the business for his families companies, trumps daughter bragged that she sat in putins chair at the kremlin & trump lies that they do not know each other, jared kushner’s sister was hawking Kushner properties in japan & if you buy kushner properties here you can get a fast track green card. trump only knows how to lie that has been his whole life the difference now is that the people & the law will hold him accountable & hence he is running that’s what cowards do best. the Logan act was defiantly broken when jared Kushner spoke to the Russians which no one has the authority to do, even with president Obama he had no fear to commit treason that trump confidence comes from Russia & trump & his entitled family think they are above the law he feeds on hate & lies the same as hitler did. trump & his rogue son in law who’s only experience is running his family slum lord buildings while his father was locked up in prison for years trump/kushner families have a lifetime of illegal deals & ponsi schemes & know how to hide asests in corporations times 100 now they are undermining our country with the Russians TREASONIST ACTIONS & disloyalty to our country & giving aid to the enemies of our government LOCK THEM UP

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