Today we march for each other!

Womxns March On Washington

Today thousands are marching on Washington in the name of woman’s rights. The Womxn’s March on Washington added an “X” to their name to include those fighting for equal rights, minority rights, civil rights, black rights, gay rights, the works! All are welcome and we urge you to join them in your cities today.

I will personally be attending the Seattle Women’s march on Washington and am excited to meet like minded people and start collaborating with new minds.

Protesters are discouraged from carrying large bags. Also signs should contain no wooden posts or sticks. ( I made my sign post out of a sturdy holiday wrapping paper roll ). Using one of the custom “Not My President” posters.

We appreciate all the shirt orders those made over the last 2 weeks. We hope they have arrived in time for the march!

Today we MARCH in solidarity with woman. In solidarity with minorities. Today we stand for what is right. We do not accept an alt right agenda for America.

See you at the march! Be sure to look after each other!

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7 thoughts on “Woman’s March on Washington – Today we march for each other!

  1. Brett Hansen says:

    T: Tyrant R: Racist U: Unethical
    M: Misguided P: Prejudiced

    I am confused by trump’s coalition with Russia to hack the electoral system. I thought the president was chosen By the People, and trump LOST the popular vote by more than 3,000,000 votes, yet he was still elected.
    Plus, his coalition with Russia, is an act of TREASON, and the last I looked at the punishment for TREASON was the final punishment.
    Yet here we are, our country divided and hateful, and the basis for our freedom, as stated in the constitution, has been challenged and ignored.

    • April Matis says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more! We need to fix the electoral college!! The one and only time they have been called on to do their job, they failed us!!

  2. Brett Hansen says:

    trump’s blatant discrimination of ethnicities, races, and gender (up to and including sexual orientation) are disgraceful.
    The comment, “she had blood coming from her everywhere …” is only 1 example of his crimes against humanity, and now he unlawfully represents me and the MAJORITY that REJECTED trump

  3. Laurel Benedetti says:

    God bless each and every person who marched or supporred the marches. You are all Patriots! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♤

  4. April Matis says:

    I live in a small college town and today I marched with more people than I thought would March! Half the town must have been there.. Sharing and expressing our rights and concern’s!! What an amazing country we live in.. America has ALWAYS been great!!! Travel around the world and you will see just how great we are! For anyone to say we need to make America great AGAIN has NEVER been outside of our amazing country aside from a vacation!!! Thank you for organizing this March!

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