We are running out of time to create a strong and hack proof voting system for the 2018 election. Law makers across the country are scrambling to come up with a way to get congress to act on a strong initiatives that change and improve the way we secure our countries most valuable asset. The peoples voice. Your Vote!!

Skeptics say its too late. By this time last election year Russian hackers had already fully infiltrated the DNC for over a 3 month period. Now party members spanning accross both sides of the isle are in agreement that the time to secure our country’s election cycle is coming to an end fast and we must come up with a swift solution.

While there have been many attempts and initiatives brought forward as a solution it seems the disdain between the two party system and a lack of agreement in the methods of security are causing slow progress when trying to pass a solution.

“There’s no question from the standpoint of what we need to do, we’re behind, And by being behind, we’re at risk for any future federal election.”

said Mississippi’s Bennie Thompson, who co-chairs a House Democratic election task force assigned to fix the decentralized election infrastructure for the 2018 elections.
Politico States:

The 2016 election vaulted these realities into the public spotlight. The U.S. government accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of deploying his hackers in an orchestrated scheme to infiltrate political parties, campaigns and state election networks. The effort was wildly successful, pilfering and selectively leaking internal files from the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, spurring intra-party bickering and generating weeks of splashy headlines based on the exposed personal emails.

And U.S. intelligence leaders have warned that Moscow will be back, leveraging the lessons of 2016 to try and destabilize future elections. Already, officials and researchers have accused the Kremlin of using similar tactics in subsequent elections around Europe.

Law makers have also emphasized frustration over the amount of effort put into repealing Obamacare, and the lack of “attention” givin to this issue by the Trump administration.

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