WE DID IT! Sort of.

The Million American Petition has gathered over 720,000 Signatures to Impeach Trump! Every one of our petition signers should be proud that Trump has officially been impeached and their voices really did contribute to that decision. Donald Trump’s presence in the white house will always be a stain on American History. While we are proud to have pushed this effort into the spotlight across multiple platforms, we know our fight is not over. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to celebrate!

Mile Stones for the Million American Petition
Highlights from our journey together over the last 4 years.

This all started in 2016 on the night of Trumps inauguration.

We knew early on Trump was unfit to serve as President of the United States. A small group of artists from multiple online communities banded together to call for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Doing this early on – as soon as he was inaugurated – was an important step to drawing a line in the sand between right and wrong.  We launched our petition with overwhelming support. Even a few celebrity callouts – from both friends and foes. – Which allowed our petition to grow into something much more than just a cry for help. It became a voice of truth for thousands of our petition signers.


2017 brought the first ever Woman’s March on Washington.

A needed effort to show our elected officials America does not stand for a sexism at the highest level. This was a big win for The Million American Petition also. Taking our efforts offline and into the streets. Participating in marches throughout the country in support of Woman everywhere. It was here that our Anti Trump T-shirts and signs gathered an abundant amount of attention. A whole new way to “turn out” which lead to signing up thousands of more petition supporters for Trump’s impeachment. By doing this we garnering everlasting friendship and support from people across all political spectrums and ideology. People who stuck with us through the hard times ahead.

2018 was a hard year

2018 was hard. People were frustrated nothing was happening. Even though impeachment finally was a hot talking point in the media. It seemed like Trump was allowed to get away with whatever he wanted and those responsible at the top would do nothing to stop him. People started to lose respect for our elected officials for doing nothing. They stood by while Trump continued to make a mockery of American laws and ideology. People started to give up on the idea of a Trump free America. People simply started moving on with their lives in 2018. We don’t blame them. The fatigue was real. We were giving up also…

2019 our voices were heard

2019 rolled around and The Million American Petition came out with a new tone. One of anger and frustration. With just over 300,000 purely organic American signatures to back our message. We started calling out our elected officials for doing nothing while Trump continued to break the law and compromise national security. Calling out by name the leaders of the democratic party for being complacent in impeaching Trump. The American people wanted impeachment and that was clear. We were committed to make them hear us.

It worked! We were reached out to by multi-million-dollar interests to combine our petition with other impeachment efforts throughout the country. With one giant push from the efforts of Change.org, MoveOn.org, The Woman’s March on Washington, Need To Impeach, Democracy for America, Free Speech for People and last but not least The Million American Petition (That’s us!). We delivered over 10 Million combined impeachment signatures with U.S Representative, Lawyer, Mover & Shaker Rashida Tlaib to the heart of the capital building.


After this, the topic of impeachment exploded in the Media. Our representatives started to realize that every moment Trump remained unimpeached was a direct reflection on their characters as leaders of this nation. If they were to do nothing it would sure amount to a disaster for the democratic party in the upcoming elections.

Signatures to The Million American Petition started piling in. In just a couple months we tripled the number of average signatures we were getting and gaining support from not just Americans but the entire world! It was crystal clear the pathway to impeachment was wide open and it was only a matter of time before impeachment was inevitable. So we pushed and continued to call out our representatives in all forums we had access to. Backed by our petition signers.

And Finially… Christmas came early! Barely.

 On December 18th 2019 impeachment inquiry was wrapped up in a bow and delivered to the American people. An official announcement of the Impeachment of Donald J Trump was finalized. His presidency will be nothing but a mockery for centuries to come. An unfortunate stain on America.

Impeachment does not mean Trump will be removed from office. All his power remains.

Impeachment is similar to an indictment in criminal law. Therefor it is essentially the statement of charges against the president. A necessary step to removing Trump from office and charging him with his crimes.

We need to ensure Trump is removed from office. With the upcoming election we need to make it clear Trump is not only unfit to serve another 4 years in office. But that he needs to be fully removed from office and charged for his crimes. Impeachment was an important step to this. Now its time to walk the walk people!
Trump, an impeached president. Ordered the assassination of a high-level Iranian military official. Killing him without congressional approval and sparking outrage and potential cause for war. With thousands of troops already headed to Iran. People have begun speculating about WWlll. Which is the last thing we need.

“We have an impeached, crazed president with the most powerful military in the world at his fingertips. Ordering assassinations of key military powers risking the lives of us all!”

– Ian Shannon-Garvey (Founder of The Million American Petition)

Moving forward in 2020 we are starting a new petition. DEMANDING CONGRESS REMOVE DONALD TRUMP FROM OFFICE.

Click here to support us and sign our petition. Let’s make them hear us again!

Get your piece of history today! Buy one of our Impeachment T-shirts which helps fuel the impeachment movement. We will now focus on removing Trump from office and all Impeachment related gear will only be available for short period of time.

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