In possibly the largest petition delivery in history, MoveOn in collaboration with and just about every other impeachment organization currently out there are all coming together and will be delivering over 10 million signatures declaring it is time to start impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump.

Want to join us in delivering the signatures? Witness history in the making and represent The Million American Petition tomorrow! Keep reading!

#MoveOnCREDO MobileNeed To ImpeachWomen’s MarchBy the People – Impeach TrumpChange.orgDemocracy for AmericaFree Speech For People & The Million American Petition (that’s us!) head to the U.S. Capitol on Thursday to deliver this massive petition to Rep. Rashida Tlaib who has been leading the charge on impeachment in the House, to show that millions of people across the country have her back.

Image by the boston globe

The Mueller report is a road map for impeachment, and the longer Congress waits to act, and the more Republicans ignore Trump’s abuses of power, more people will be hurt by Trump’s vicious attacks on our communities and lose faith in our system of checks and balances.

The people of America have spoken loud and clear. Donald Trump is not an acceptable leader and has shown time and time again he is not trusted by the majority of Americans. America needs to send a clear message in order to restore the integrity of the oval office and our elected officials.  By not impeaching Trump – our elected officials are saying its okay to break the law. To insight hate speech and violence. To bully, manipulate and undermine citizens, immigrants and the free press.  We the people are saying that is NOT okay. Urging our elected officials to stand with us and start Impeachment proceedings immediately.

Check out the official event page for more information on the delivery tomorrow:

2 thoughts on “In a giant collaboration we are delivering over 10 million impeachment signatures to Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

  1. Karen Gillespie says:

    Impeach Trump now, I am holding congress responsible for all of the support they continue to provide to Trump and for allowing him to continue in the roll of President of our country. The damage done by D. Trump and his entire family will never be forgotten and our representatives will be held responsible, by vote, for allowing this to continue. Regardless of party, Senators are as follows: Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell! We will not support your office in government, any longer, while you have done Nothing,to stop this President. I am a registered voter and vote in every election. I will hold you accountable! And NO I will not donate to you or your party without action. I’m mad as hell for your inaction!

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