Lately it appears that our representatives in the political aisle are scared to Impeach Trump. Despite having plenty of cause to do so. With the upcoming election they are putting their efforts into getting re-elected instead of upholding the integrity of the oval office.


Recently a whistleblower came forward with information that Trump made secret deals with a Foreign Leader. Trumps interaction with the foreign leader included a “promise” that was regarded as so troubling that it prompted an official in the U.S. Intelligence community to file a formal whistleblower complaint with the inspector general.

The complaint has been declassified as of this morning and outlets are reporting a scandal that focuses around Trump’s alleged private request to a Ukraine government official to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and also alleges that White House officials moved the records of some of Trump’s communications with this foreign official onto separate private computer networks.

Time after time again Trump has proven unworthy of leading the United States in any positive direction. He breaks the law, abuses his power and works against americans outside the bounds of the law and AGAIN has been alleged to have been interfering with the U.S Elections by working with foreign influences.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday announced the opening of an impeachment inquiry.

Hillary Clinton posted to Twitter saying “‘I’m in favor of moving toward impeachment” on Tuesday also.

And many more have followed suit in their support for impeachment.

While its disappointing it took this long for our representatives to move forward with protecting the sanctity of the oval office and the laws and morals Americans adhere to. It looks like its officially time to move forward with impeachment.



URGENT: Sign our petition now and show your representatives you back their decision to move forward with impeachment so we can officially define what is acceptable and what is not acceptable for someone holding the highest office in the land.

4 thoughts on “Our representatives are ready for impeachment.

  1. Silvia Cabal says:

    Please impeach Donald Trump, expose him as the fake he is, and make him responsible for his many wrongdoings. We the People deserve honest caring governors, really invested in what is best for our country, not their pockets.

  2. Mary DAVIS says:

    I hope the americans see sense at long last. Its taken long enough! Just rid the world of this moron please. Hes a narcissist, liar egotistical maniac and there are mental health issues too.

  3. Fatima Nelson says:

    I am writing because President Trump has once again broken his oath to uphold the United States Constitution. I am extremely concerned by his latest action of pressuring the President of Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, who as you probably know, is the front runner among the Democrats trying to win the nomination to run against the president in 2020.
    President Trump withheld aid, which was approved by Congress and sorely needed by Ukraine to fight Russian supported militias which are fighting the legally elected Ukrainian government. He did it, to put pressure on Ukraine’s president to do his bidding. His own personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, was heavily entangled in this dealings. He admitted as much on appearances on news shows. He insisted that he had done so at the request of the State Department, which is not true as confirmed by said department.

    I am asking you to please uphold the oath you took to protect the Constitution and support the impeachment proceedings. I remember when in 1998, then President Clinton, was impeached by the House where Republicans held a majority, for lying under oath to a grand jury. As you may know, this was because of his relationship with Ms. Lewinsky. What President Clinton did was wrong, but pales in comparison to trying to pressure the President of another country to “find dirt” in a possible political opponent for the upcoming 2020 Presidential election.
    Fatima Nelson

  4. Petra Zinnen says:

    I’m not an American citizen, and I don’t even live in the States. But even though, as #45 is one of the most powerful politicians in the world, in my opinion is a thread to the world, and needs to be impeached.

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