SEP 27, 2019 — 

PELOSI This morning – “I’ve said if we have to do this we will be ready – and we are ready”

MSNBC STATEMENT: Trump will be the 3rd president of the United States to be Impeached.
Source MSNBC

As of yesterday. Republicans who are usually in Donald Trump’s corner are no longer defending him. Saying he has betrayed the constitution and national security for personal and political benefit. Not one member of the republican house committee stated that trump “did not betray his oath of office” not one of them. No one from either side has come to his defense. No one from Trump’s corner has come forward saying Nancy Pelosi was wrong.

The Republicans and the Republicans staff had 48 hours to write their speeches for the hearing yesterday on the 26th condemning Nancy Pelosi for saying the president betrayed his oath of his office and not one republican has done that, Not one.

The Republicans simply have no defense for what Trump said on the phone to the Ukraine President. Nor do they have a defense for the coverup.
Source MSNBC:

The trials are starting.

Pelosi this morning: “This is as serious as it gets. Protecting the constitution. This is about the national security of our country and the president of the united states being disloyal to his oath of office, jeopardizing our national security and jeopardizing the integrity of our elections.

She continued stating the president used taxpayer dollars to shake down the leader of another country for his own political gain. Stating that they knew it was wrong, which is why they moved the info onto private servers.
Source Morning Joe:

Hillary Clinton:  My view is that given this latest revelation which is such a blatant effort to use his presidential position to advance his personal and political interests. There should be an impeachment

There is no going back now. There is no possible defense. They failed to present that defense in yesterday’s hearing.


URGENT: Sign our petition now and show your representatives you back their decision to move forward with impeachment so we can officially define what is acceptable and what is not acceptable for someone holding the highest office in the land.

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