2. Coalition for Sensible Safeguards: A toolkit for activists fighting to stop the Regulatory Accountability Act – Go Away RAA!
  3. Americans for Responsible Solutions: Use this recess toolkit to resist the gun lobby – Resist the Gun Lobby Toolkit
  4. Center for American Progress: Check out this fact sheet to know all of the ways the Trump budget will hurt Americans (includes state and district numbers) – How the Trump Budget Threatens the American People
  5. Natural Resources Defense Council: Find state-specific factsheets outlining the local impacts of proposed EPA budget cuts. – EPA Benefits State Fact Sheets
  6. Center for American Progress: Join the #HandsOff campaign to fight Trump’s and Congress’ budget cuts and share your personal story about how cuts will impact you – Hands Off
  7. Center for American Progress Action Fund: Trump’s Budget chief announced he’s looking for feedback on which government departments to slash in order to gut protections for hundreds of millions of people. Fill out this form to tell President Trump #YesGovWorks, and we’ll pass along the message! – Yes Gov Works